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How Character is Changing Lives!

While we were still talking, one little boy stood up and walked over to his teacher’s desk. He proceeded to return some stolen money and apologize for what he’d done! We were blown away. Then a girl walked over to her friend who she had been mean to that day in the hall and apologized. We were amazed as we saw what we were teaching being play out in the kids’ lives right before our very eyes!

Not only did they remember exactly what they were supposed to do but they had stories of how they had been able to do it—and this was the kindergarten class! It turned out that all the classes from that school remembered and had stories of how they had done the challenge!

A girl from her class had gone home one day to a fight between her parents. The girl had then told her father what she had been learning in Character Class, which was sensitivity, and explained how we can show it in everyday life. Her parents stopped fighting, and her father’s behavior changed dramatically; all because she shared what she had learned about character.

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Discerning a Person’s Character

“I think what presidential campaigns do is reveal character over time and under pressure. I think the character will be revealed of all the candidates over time and under pressure.” – Carly Fiorina Can you imagine how much pressure is on the presidential candidates right now? I am extremely grateful for all those who are […]

Great recommendation

Looking for Fun, New Ideas?

Summer is a great time to read books to stimulate creativity and come up with new ways to bring a fun, fresh character emphasis to the coming school year. One book that I found helpful last year is Great Group Games  by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor. The variety of ideas was impressive and it included clear […]

Committee for Children

Federal Funding for Character Programs

I recently attended a webinar which gave A Guide to Federal Education Programs That Can Fund K-12 Universal Prevention and Social and Emotional Learning Activities. It was put on by the Committee for Children and even made sense to me who am a novice when it comes to grant writing. I was encouraged to hear about […]